Accurate Timing

Timing is key, precisely execute trades in line with the peaks of the market.

Work Round the Clock

Currency markets do not sleep. actively increase your profitability all hours of the day.

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance from the first phone call to the point of payment execution.

Efficient Trading

Efficiency is everything in today’s economy, send and receive funds instantly.

Intelligent Spots

For payments that are due in just a few days your Expert will monitor the market and based on currency movements and analytical guidance, suggest the best time to convert the currency whether the settlement be instant or across 3 days.

24/7/365 Market

Calculate your desired rate with your Expert and have 24/7 access to the live market, 365 days a year, giving you every opportunity to meet your targeted rate.

Limit Order: Expecting the rate to improve in your favour before your payment deadline? set a realistic trigger in the market to buy or sell your as soon as it hits that price, anytime of the day. Allowing you to focus on your day to day job, and your trader to be your eyes on the market.

Stop Loss: Forecasts and profit can be immediately damaged if the exchange rate moves out of your favour below your budget or cost price. Setting a stop-loss above you budget rate gives you the peace of mind that for a fixed amount of currency, if the rate drops, you’ll be immune to the loss as your currency would have bought at the set stop-rate and you can remain comfortable with your profit and savings secure.

Market Wisdom

With a team that hold over 50 years of FX experience it is safe to say we have seen it all, from the Asian Crisis of 1997 to the Financial Crisis of 07/08 to the UK/EU referendum in 2016. These economic problems can cause hurt or joy for many businesses and cause huge swings in currency. With extensive knowledge and trading capabilities Best Rate Global can guide you through the turbulent times and help you take advantage of positive currency swings for your FX purchases.

Speedy Settlement

All payments are sent directly via SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, this means payments are electronically initiated and delivery to the receiving account is instantaneous. No long waits and panic when sending funds.